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The company delivers engineering-based solutions that make real differences to facilities using new and high-tech materials as well as traditional textile.

ISO 9001 certified company.


Automatex is the leader in automation and has earned its’ first-rate reputation as Automatex uses versatile technologies for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. The company maintains and meets all Canadian and European industry standards, and is one of the largest manufacturers of cutting, sewing, folding and laminating units for bags, home furnishings and clothing industries.


The company follows the strictest Q.C. guidelines and the state-of-the-artmachinery complies with the strictest EEC requirements.All the machines have passed rigorous quality controls to ensure the maximum quality of the products.They have been regular participants in International events like ITMA (International Textile Machinery Fair) and FIMETEX (TextileMachinery Fair), EXINTEX (Mexico) and IMB (Germany)

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