With our tie-ups with multi-national textile machinery allows us to give you finishes and apparels that meet international standard. Machinery from Brother, KSM and Pegasus for cutting sewing and embroidery helps you to get better, finer and supreme textile products. Most of our machinery that we have already established as an authorized dealer is listed below. Or if you are looking for the machine that is not listed you could send us an enquiry for the same.

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PHN Series:Semi-automatic unit for blind hemming operation on tubular goods

Blindstitch hemming unit on tubular goods The unit automates and deskills difficult blind..
MHG Series:Semi-automatic unit for hemming operation on tubular goods

Automation the operation of hemming on tubular goods Equipped with the automatic open-clo..
ZEBRA Stitch Machines:Interlock

Marvelous decorative stitch created by Pegasus unique mechanism ..
SOH-500 Series:Automatic unit for hemming operation on flat sleeves

Automating the operation of hemming on flat sleeves Hemming flat sleeves of T-shirts, und..
FS700P Series: Feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed interlock stitch machines for flat seaming

Produces strong but delicate flat seams. The world first, completely enclosed type..
FV Series:Feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed, double chain-stitch machines

Perfect lap seaming machine for ease of operation..
FW Series:Feed-up-the-arm, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines

The shape of the machine makes all the difference. So easy to use to get such a perfect fi..
TM625 Series:Multi-needle, double chainstitch, needle feed,looper-in-line machine(s)

Multi-needle, double chainstitch, needle feed,looper-in-line machines..
WT169P Series:Oil barrier type, variable top feed, interlock stitch machines with an extremely small-sized cylinder bed

With an extremely small-sized cylinder bed (circumference:113 mm) Small-sized tubular goo..
W1500P Series:Oil barrier type, flatbed, interlock stitch machines

Completely block oil leakage, Adopting a state-of-the-art "Oil Barrier" technology!..