With our tie-ups with multi-national textile machinery allows us to give you finishes and apparels that meet international standard. Machinery from Brother, KSM and Pegasus for cutting sewing and embroidery helps you to get better, finer and supreme textile products. Most of our machinery that we have already established as an authorized dealer is listed below. Or if you are looking for the machine that is not listed you could send us an enquiry for the same.

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With square corners, tape binding with square corners. Provides a Heavy duty industrial ta..
Cornely - 10-3

Heavy duty industrial picot sewing machine for production of traditional "Ajour" pierced h..

Combined, double action, ring processing machine, cutting and pressing effected in 1 opera..

Automatic pneumatic eyeleting machine for setting large eyelets-with washers if required. ..
AGA-2300 ST

Machine is equipped with two independent lifting beams. One beam to insert the face fabric..

Electronic, programmable, computer controlled cutting machine to cut curtains and voiles t..

Equipped with Pegasus high speed, 2-needle, 4- or 5-thread, V-series safety stitch machine..

Equipped with Treasure high speed 1-thread chain stitch blind stitch machine with top and ..

Equipped with high speed 1-needle lock stitch top/bottom feed machine with auxiliary pulle..
Combi series

Automatic, multifunctional curtain sewing machine with 2 independent, free selectable sewi..