With our tie-ups with multi-national textile machinery allows us to give you finishes and apparels that meet international standard. Machinery from Brother, KSM and Pegasus for cutting sewing and embroidery helps you to get better, finer and supreme textile products. Most of our machinery that we have already established as an authorized dealer is listed below. Or if you are looking for the machine that is not listed you could send us an enquiry for the same.

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Knife speed is controllable as desired according to the type of material with build in inv..

KS-AU, Straight knife cloth cutting machine with automatic abrasive belts sharpener, is th..

Automatic belt warping prevention device. Upper belt wrapping prevention system adopts dir..
DFB,BX Series

DFB, BX series are a flatbed, multi needles, double chain stitch machine. These series are..
UZ-800 Series

UZ-800A-RD – Auto Strip cutter (Round Knife), UZ-800A-ST-Auto Strip cutter (Straight Kni..

Able to change center and hidden “multi style” by only one touch in a second. Sewing a..

UZ-P28-Ks- Standard Model, UZ-P28-TTR- With 2 bar stacker and roller unit. Easy operation ..